About SwissVPN

SwissVPN is a business unit of Monzoon Networks AG, a Swiss telecommunications company which has been in operation since 2000. SwissVPN is dedicated to offer you an encrypted VPN tunnel from your computer to a Swiss computer centre in Zurich and entering the Internet from there. This way your traffic will safely tunnel all wireless and wired networks using encrypted VPN and you'll surf the Internet from Switzerland

About Monzoon Networks

The Swiss telecommunications company Monzoon Networks AG is one of the first European operators of Public Wireless Internet Access and Services. Monzoon was founded in 2000 and operates a radio network offering quick and wireless Internet access to so-called nomadic workers in our telecommunications network, which is being offered to Hotspots (airports, hotels, conference centres, etc.), providing high-speed wireless Internet access and enabling location-based services (such as information services, video-on-demand, local free phone services over IP, etc.) to business travellers.

A neutral PWLAN platform

Monzoon is providing Public Wireless LAN Access on a neutral platform. As a user you have the possibility to choose from one of our many partners: There are three premium partners in the three main columns on the landing page (the first page you see after you start your browser) and other international roaming partners in the menu on the lower right hand side; just pick one from the listing. Due to the variety of partners, you might find your own provider and therefore don't need to subscribe to a new one.
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