SwissVPN setup guide (OpenVPN version)– Nokia N900

(only OpenVPN is currently available as Nokia removed PPTP from standard kernel)

(Sorry, only German version available for screenshots, please follow red squares to identify the correct buttons)

  1. Click on Program Manager.
  2. Click on Download.
  3. Click on "OpenVPN" and "OpenVPN Applet" and follow instructions.
  4. Start browser, goto , click on "OpenVPN configuration file" for downloading it.
  5. Download "swissvpn.ovpn" to documents folder.

  6. Click on "CA certificate" in browser.
  7. Click on "Open with Certificate Manager".
  8. Click on "Install".
  9. Click on "Select".
  10. Go back to desktop and click on Task Manager.
  11. Click on "OpenVPN".
  12. Click on "Manage Connections".
  13. Click on "New".
  14. Click on "Configuration File".
  15. Go to Documents folder and select "swissvpn.ovpn" (you downloaded it before).
  16. Check, that "swissvpn.ovpn" and "ca.crt" are listed in their appropriate fields, then hit "Import".
  17. A new connection "swissvpn" should be listed, leave the window by clicking into the blurred space, returning to desktop.
  18. On desktop click on Task Manager, a new connectivity "OpenVPN" should be visible.

  19. Click on "OpenVPN" and select "Connect to swissvpn".
  20. Enter you username / password for SwissVPN and hit "Ready".
  21. You should see a working OpenVPN connection and clicking on the Task Manager should confirm.

    Good luck!