SwissVPN connection through OpenVPN (iPhone / iPad)

As an alternative to the standard PPTP VPN connection, SwissVPN now operates a service using OpenVPN. While PPTP is still the recommended protocol, OpenVPN may be able to pass through firewalls and proxy servers where PPTP cannot get through.

The OpenVPN configuration for SwissVPN only requires outbound TCP connections on port 443 to be allowed (and a working DNS service, of course).

The following instructions explain how to install OpenVPN on iOS.

  1. Install OpenVPN Connect from the App Store on your iPhone/iPad
  2. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your Mac/PC, open iTunes und drop the ca.crt and swissvpn_iphone.ovpn files into the OpenVPN Documents window.

  3. Launch the OpenVPN Connect app on your iPhone/iPad, select the green (+) button to add the OpenVPN configuration
  4. Enter your SwissVPN username and password, tap on return, and confirm that you allow OpenVPN to enable VPN connection by tapping on yes.
  5. If the connection is successful, the status icon will show a green ok symbol and the status switch to connected.
  6. To disconnect tap on the blue connection symbol.

If you would like to leave feedback about this service, please fill out the support form (including your OpenVPN connection log if necessary).