SwissVPN L2TP setup guide L2TP for iPad

  1. From your homescreen, tap on ‘Settings’.
  2. In the settings menu, choose ‘VPN’ from the list on the left. Should this be impossible, tap on ‘general’, then scroll down the list on the right and tap on ‘VPN’.
  3. Tap on ‘Add VPN Configuration’ to create a new configuration.
  4. In the ‘Add Configuration’ menu, in the field ‘Description’, enter an appropriate name for your VPN configuration (for example ‘SwissVPN L2TP’), which will appear in the VPN menu later.
  5. Enter ‘CONNECT-L2TP.SWISSVPN.NET’ as Servername.
  6. Please enter your password and the username you have received through your purchase of the SwissVPN service.
  7. As Pre-Shared Key enter ‘SwissVPN’ under ‘Secret’.
  8. Close the window through tapping on ‘Save’. All the settings should be as shown in the following screenshot for the VPN configuration to work properly.
  9. Back in the menu ‘VPN’ your new configuration (in our example ‘SwissVPN L2TP’) should be visible and selected.
    To connect now via SwissVPN, all you have to do now is tap on the white switch-symbol next to ‘VPN’.
    Attention: to open a VPN tunnel, there has to be an internet connection open each time, if there is none, the following error message will pop up:
  10. Congratulations! You are now connected through SwissVPN!
    To verify that all your connections to the Internet pass through your secure SwissVPN connection, simply visit and check the indicator.

    To disconnect tap on the green switch-symbol next to ‘VPN’.

If you would like to leave feedback about this service, please fill out the support form (including your VPN L2TP connection log if necessary).