Konfigurationsanleitung - PPTP - DD-WRT

Note: you can only use DD-WRT to connect to SwissVPN if your WAN connection uses DHCP. If you need to use the built-in PPPoE client (e.g. because you have connected your DD-WRT router to an ADSL modem), then you cannot use it to connect to SwissVPN via PPTP.

  1. Log into the control panel of your DD-WRT router and click on "Setup", then "Basic Setup".

  2. Choose "PPTP" as the WAN Connection Type.

  3. Enter connect.swissvpn.net in the Gateway (PPTP server) field. You can disregard the Gateway IP address field above it; this will be obtained automatically via DHCP.

  4. Enter your SwissVPN username and password in the corresponding fields.

  5. Set the options as shown on the screenshot:

    - Enable PPTP Encryption

    - Disable the "Disable Packet Reordering" option

    - Enter "mppe required,stateless" in the Additional PPTP Options field

    - Disable STP

  6. Save and Apply the settings.

  7. Sie sind jetzt mit SwissVPN verbunden!

    Um zu überprüfen, dass alle Ihre Verbindungen ins Internet über Ihre sichere SwissVPN-Verbindung laufen, gehen Sie einfach auf www.swissvpn.net und prüfen Sie den Indikator.